Monday, January 30, 2006

ZOLTAN!!!! The Drawing Contest

Loyal readers, speaking both for myself and the other judges, thank you for your submissions to the first annual ZOLTAN!!! The Drawing Contest. If you are unfamiliar with the specifics of ZOLTAN the Puntinator, I strongly suggest you take a look this past entry. Much thanks to Benito for hosting the drawing contest on his webspace.

After several late nights, we were able to shrink the submissions into a top five. Before scrolling through the results, please take between 10 and 20 seconds to take in the majesty of ZOLTAN!!! After taking in each picture, you have to shout out ZOLTAN as loud as you can... If you don't, his minions will not be happy.


Submitted by Benito

What a brilliant display of ZOLTAN’s power. I mean, there are many super hero’s in the world, but name a super hero with the power to make the Mona Lisa frown? Now, who would've thought that super hero was merely a punter. ZOLTAN!!!!


Submitted by the Red Dragon and Spilly McDrink

Wow, I never realized until I saw this picture that Zoltan went back in time and replaced Scott Baio with himself. Give him some credit, he looks a lot like Mr. Baio. But, those ciggys and sunglasses are a dead giveaway. Plus, the dragon sweater. Nice touch Zoltie. How many Vampires do you know that can carry a lead role in a series for six years!? ZOLTAN!!!!!


Submitted by Benito

Not only is Zoltan a totally sweet Daywalker vampire, but he can morph into a Lion thing with a spiky tail. I think Michigan is saving this for the Ohio State game. ZOLTAN!!!!!


by Optimus Prime

Wow! So much to love about this picture. Clearly a labor of love against the Decepticons. How about those buckets of dead bodies? Plus, the single bar face mask. Go ZOLTAN! Imagine the power to make an asteroid frown or a cloud not rain. I really like how the artist chose to show the injustice in the world by adding a picture of a Big Mean Guy. ZOLTAN!!!


by Gannon

Perfection on a canvas. ZOLTAN!!!!! Gotta love the minions surrounding Michigan Stadium.

Okay, so as promised, I'll add my own ZOLTAN drawing. You see, I made an effort, and that's the key word... effort. I've had success with Microsoft Paint drawings in the past. However, this looks more like ZOLTAN!!! the Bug Thing. Yeah... ummm... glad my fan base picked up the slack. Yeah, it's kind of a debacle. Well, without further ado, here's ZOLTAN!!! The Bug Thing:

Ummmmmmm... ZOLTAN!!!

This is hardly the end of the ZOLTAN liturgy. I mean, we're going to have stories about ZOLTAN's first day of school, ZOLTAN learning to walk, ZOLTAN learning to puntinate and ZOLTAN overthrowing Nicolae Ceausescu. Seriously, feel free to submit your own ZOLTAN story, poem, picture (just because the contest is over doesn't mean I'm done putting up pictures) or Haiku. MyDebacles is happy to host the story of the half-vampire man behind the Z.

And, the next ZOLTAN contest will be the ZOLTAN Haiku contest. Let's 5-7-5 it up. Feel free to email me Haiku's or drop them in the comments. I'll start us off with the inaugural ZOLTAN Haiku.

Crowd boos on Fourth down
He summons justice minions

All hail ZOLTAN's punt

Think of the possibilities. Submit your ZOLTAN Haiku today!!!!!!


me said...

I can't see the pictures unless I click on them to load in another page. Is anyone else getting this problem?

Debacle said...

Thanks, the post has been fixed.

Player 2 said...

Sweet Ninja Punter,
badder than bowser on roids,
Zoltan rocks my world.

Chun Li said...

Zoltan the mighty
strikes with his foot of vengeance.
Women cheer, foes weep.

Debacle said...

Ball, ball burning bright.
In Zoltan's fortress of might,
fear his symmetry.

Benito said...

FIFTH PLACE?!?!?!?! WHAT THE HECK?! I worked on that masterpiece for ages! That's not the Mona Lisa by the way, it's a portrait of Zoltan's mother.

Zoltanite said...

Romanian god,
Daywalking vampire wolverine-man,
I'm your biggest fan.

hater in the house said...

Here is a riddle.
What leaves man unsatisfied?
michigan football.

It's not a good thing,
when your punter is famous,
and your team blows cock.

Hulk said...

Hulk want read:

The Birth of Suaveness II: The Party
My Guardian Rubber Alligator
Cars Don't go Through Garage Doors
Taco bell 7-layer attempt on my life

If Hulk not get, Hulk smash!

Debacle said...

Hater in the House.
Callousness anger's minions,
Makes Zoltan destroy.

Hater said...

Debacle hates me,
for my Zoltan Haiku skills,
sad punter envy.

Debacle said...

Hater slings pain.
Let him froth out craven jabs,
The "Z" man cometh.

Hater strikes back said...

You need a lesson,
Pain has just one syllable,
learninate dumbass.

Dr Funkenstein said...

Hater get a life,
you troll and flame in haiku,
since your dad beat you.

Justin Boren said...

Hater is jealous
Another buckeye defects
Bowl streak continues

Go Zoltz! said...

Punting genius man,
The Beethoven of football,
Zoltie I heart U.

- Future Mrs. Zoltie

Debacle said...

Puntinate with care,
Muff a punt and we perish,
Nuclear winter

Player Hater said...

Zoltan was a man,
He was a wolverine-man,
or just a skunk bear.

Now more Hatererer said...

Michicagan football,
needs a new rallying cry:
"Return To Glory".

Debacle said...

One three loss season,
Anoint an Irish return,
Try winning bowl games.

Woke up the echos,
Moral Trojan victory
Yes, We are God's team

Chad Henne said...

Dont feel bad skunk bears,
National Championships,
make you second best.

Good Coach jealousy,
Lloyd Carr can't beat Nebraska,
You want Charlie Weis.

Debacle said...

Trouble in South Bend,
No echoes to awkaken,
Weis ate the players.

edu said...

Can you draw the same in a painting program, i bet you can't