Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rejected Save the Date Card

This was my suggestion for the save the date card for my upcoming wedding with General Tolerance. Sadly, she rejected it, even though I think it's a great card. Well, the card speaks for itself:

Okay, loyal readers. Since my card got rejected, mydebacles is sponsoring another contest! Submit all of your suggestions for save the date cards. Winners get displayed on the blog!


Ben said...

If she rejected THAT work of art then I have no idea WHAT she'll approve. After all, it's just a save the date card that everyone will lose and then forget about the date until the invitation comes out.

Eric said...

If you get Coaches Carr and Rich Rod, and you hook up the GO BLUE banner, I will definitely come back from Israel for the wedding!

John said...

I fully expect a "Go Jonah and Ariel! M Club Supports You" banner at the wedding.

Oh, and the glass should be shaped like Jim Tressel so you can stomp and break his stupid head.

PS: Save the date 2.0 needs more Zoltan.

Jonathan said...

The best part is Lloyd Carr and Rodriguez in kippahs.